I’m *NOT* a Theta Chi!

So, as none of you are really aware, I ‘run’ a Star Wars roleplaying game website. I say ‘run’ because lately, I haven’t had the time to put into the place as I wish I did. However, some great people have stepped up and made things better.

Looking back on the site, I’ve been playing there since late 1998, early 1999. Over that 7 years, so many things have happened. When I started, the site was based on a collection of free websites like geocities. Each game (as the club is a collection of games based in the Star Wars universe) had its own website, its own forums, and its own distinct player groups. When I started, the main page was just a portal to the other games, and it really seemed like nothing more than a collection of people who wanted to provide a place to play a game. I say seemed, because it really was more than that to the people that started the site. As much as I fought with a lot of them, I need to say thanks. Thanks for fighting with me. Thanks for putting me in my place. Thanks for footing the bill for SWRPGA. Thanks for making the website that I will always remember what it is today.

Now, I am getting ahead of myself. Clearly, when I started I didn’t make a big scene. I wanted to play, because I couldn’t’ play at home. There wasn’t enough people for a home game. I needed to go online. Back in the day, it was HARD to get into a game. You needed to show some real roleplay skill. You needed to LIVE your character. Unfortunately, now, players aren’t as abundant and great players aren’t either. Again, I’m digressing.

The great thing about roleplaying is that you can play any kind of person. You can play yourself. You can play your evil twin. You can play as the opposite sex. You can play as what you wish you could be. I started out joining the Imperial Navy. This was when Line Captian Kezan was in charge of the Naval Recruiting. Yep, thats right, the Navy GM didn’t recruit. It was done IC by the recruitment officer. Captian Ahachmed Beltuzza became my main character for many years. Anyway, I played for a good while, then eventually I was asked to start GMing. Which, I jumped at the chance, as I thought I could really make an engaging game. I had games run…ask my players if they were engaging.

I grew bored with doing the Navy games, so I started myself an SFC game. Yea, that didn’t go so well either. But, during this time, I recruited Claud, who eventually moved into a SrGM position. Claud was a fairly strong RPer and helped make the Empire faction fairly strong (unfortunately, his real life got in the way and he had to leave). I bounced back to the Navy. My character Beltuzza had advanced to Admiral by this time, I believe. Forgive my forgetting of the details, I’m old. Anyway, Matt D, Jaydee and David created themselves a new faction within the Empire – the amalgamation of Imperial Intel, and the Dark Alliance – the Secret Defence Network. This was because of the Emperor becoming more and more worried about his security.

Beltuzza was then approached by Hayden. Hayden made a proposal that even the stonchest of Imperials would have a difficult time passing up. Beltuzza ‘took’ the offer, and for some time, was very conflicted as to if he should go to the SDN with this information. Eventually, the decision was ‘made’ for him, as Inspector General MacWeller discovered the information. Beltuzza made the assertation that he was going to tell the SDN about his dealings with Hayden. MacWeller chose to torture Beltuzza. Through this torture, Beltuzza was deemed ‘clensed’ of his wrong doing, and was made to go back to Hayden as a double agent. Beltuzza was also rocketed up to Fleet Admiral. Hayden had a plan to take over the Galaxy, and in the process of it all, he found out about Beltuzza turning on him, and had him assassinated.

I didn’t do alot after Beltuzza died. I bounced between games, as characters were not being developed well enough and games just not staying alive. Eventually Claud took me on as his Assistant, and I began to butt heads with Krayt. That luckly for me, didn’t turn out bad. I eventually was promoted to SrGM. As time passed, I took over the running of the site. Now, I made some changes at the site that I felt were for the best. Some ideas worked, some didn’t. Things are going alright, but I hope to pick things up.

When I started, Wizards of the Coast wasn’t in the picture. West End Games rules (or d6) were the ones we played with, and the transition from d6 to d20 has been a hard one for me, in particular. Many of the other players have had D&D experience or some other WotC style game behind them, the only one I ever had was d6. I’m finally getting the hang of the new system, and I may end up buying more books. I’m certainly going to start gaming again. My Xbox 360 is awesome, but nothing is like being tortured into a double agent by Inspector MacWeller.

This has been a bit long, but fairly detailed. I hope it was an interesting read for some of you.

If you want to play, come by at www.swrpga.com

Going back.

So, I’m going back to School starting on Steve’s birthday (Which, is also my birthday if you didn’t know). Attending NAIT, doing continuing education so I can continue to pay my rent. So, in a while I’ll have some sort of education. Or something. Anyway, I’m excited about that.