Philosophy is Over and an Exciting Weekend!

I’ve got a very exciting weekend coming up.

Before the weekend starts however, I have the final ‘midterm’ for my Philosophy class.  I know I was complaining earlier about how philosophy hurts my brain (which it does), but I’m really glad I had the opportunity to take the class.  I was able to learn a few new things and I was also able to find ways to help understand why I hold certian beliefs and defend things that I believe.  I’m sort of disapointed that the course is over, as there are several subjects that we didn’t have the opportunity to cover that I feel would have been really interesting to cover (for example, we only had a single class on Metaphysics).

The course itself was presented in an interesting manner, utilizing popular movies to illustrate philosophical concepts, which I think really helped solidify my understanding.  The movies that we watched were “Waking Life”, “The Matrix”, “Bruce Almighty”, and “Being John Malkovich”.  I really enjoyed the format and I am disapointed that we were not able to cover “The Matrix Reloaded” and the metaphysical concepts that are presented there, as I think that potentially could be extremely interesting.

Onto this weekend!

Saturday is Free RPG Day.  What is it?  Much like Free Comic Book Day, members of the industry prepare special items to give away to help introduce the hobby to a new generation.  This is the second year of the event and I hope that it becomes as successful as its comic counterpart.  I’ve been organizing events at Happy Harbor Comics volume 2 and 3 to assist with the flow of the day.  If you’ve ever had the inclination to give an RPG a try, please come out.  We have short (1-2 hour) games running throughout the day using various different settings, which barely scratches the surface of what is being given away (or what is available).

On Sunday, Emily and I are going to Cirque du Soleil’s Saltimbanco, which is very exciting.  We have fantastic seats, which I’m really hoping work well.  This will be my third Cirque show, the others being La Nouba and Varekai.  I’ve really enjoyed the other shows I’ve seen, so this should be no different.  Also, later this summer, Emily and I will be seeing O during our trip to Las Vegas.

Anyway, I’m going to have a busy weekend, but it should be some fun.