Black Ops: Project management

My interest in project management hasn’t been much of a secret. What else isn’t a secret? I’m a huge nerd. When thinking about the Black Ops race in June, I couldn’t really help myself from starting to apply project management methodologies to the whole endeavor, because clearly, it’s a project.

Why do I say this? Let’s take a look at the definition of a project from the PMI Institute:

A project is temporary in that it has a defined beginning and end in time, and therefore defined scope and resources.

And a project is unique in that it is not a routine operation, but a specific set of operations designed to accomplish a singular goal.

Well, first, yes, there’s a defined beginning and end time (from time I registered to the end of the race). Temporary. It’s unique in that this isn’t something I do every day. I’m looking to accomplish a singular goal: Not die complete the race.

So. There you have it. I’m gonna have to manage this like a project. Because I’m a nerd.

Phase one is Initiating the project. I kicked off with my registration and announcing my intentions to the world for accountability.

Phase two is Planning. Lots of planning, which, will be my next topic…

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