Phase 2: Still Planning

Last time, I talked about the planning with respect to my training regimen. I’m still working through some of that, but the core ideas are all there.

This time, let’s talk about equipment.

This race is going to be very intense. It’s going to be long, it’s going to be hard, and it’s going to be at night in the summer.

Luckily, the race does provide a bit of guidance on what might be worthwhile.


  • Working head lamp
  • Flashing beacon


  • Weather Appropriate Clothing (Multiple Socks, Water / Windproof Jacket/Pants,
    Trail Running Shoes, Gloves, Hat, Multiple Pairs of Socks)
  • Camp supplies: Pop Up Tent / Canopy, Flash Light, Tarp, Folding Chair(s),
    Space/Thermal Blanket
  • Nutritional supplies: Water, Gatorade, Electrolytes, Gels, Energy Bars, Meals /
    Soups (that can be warmed up in microwave)
  • Sunscreen / Bug Spray

Headlamp and beacon makes perfect sense. It’s going to be dark, you need to make yourself visible to the other racers out there, and you need to see what’s in front of you so you don’t trip and break something. Clothing makes sense too – there’s potential for a wide variety of weather to experience during the race. It is Alberta, after all.

Camp supplies: again, nothing that is unusual here, makes sense. Same goes with the sunscreen/bug spray.

Nutritional supplies. Yep, I’ve already identified that I need to plan nutrition. That is leading up to the race and during. Definitely an area that I really need to be well prepared for.

Now, in this list there are a bunch of things I don’t already have, so I’ll need to make some purchases or borrow some items as we get closer to race weekend, but it isn’t anything that strange or unique I need to be thinking of.

With regards to my other category of planning, something else came up. The possibility of needing a crew. A crew would be a group of folk to ‘be in my corner’ while the race is ongoing. They’d be there to cheer me on as I finish laps, provide me with food and keep me moving through base camp. I’ll have to do a bit more investigation on how many people I can have, etc, but I think having some friendly faces out there would be really beneficial.


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