First Post

So, my first post. Exciting.

I’ve always thought about starting a blog, but haven’t. Now I have. Hopefully I can actually use this semi-frequently. Especially for all my fans out there.

So, the last month has been quite insane for me. I ran in the University of Alberta Students’ Union Executive Election, for the position of Vice President Operations & Finance (see Tyler, an ampersand!). Unfortunately(?) I lost. Though, looking back, it was a good experience and I have so many new doors have opened up to me, I’m really quite excited I get to explore a whole ‘new’ world.

What does this new world hold for me? I’ll keep that to myself for now. I’ll let you know as it happens. Don’t want to jinx any of it.

Corporal Paul Welke is leaving today for Bosnia. We’ll miss him here at the UofA. It kinda sucks, now that I was just starting to hang out with the guy more, he’s gone. Though, we’ll keep in touch while he’s away. He’s got some big plans when he returns.

Day one of councillor election voting. I’m not nervous. If I win, I win. If I don’t, I don’t. Not worth my time to get all uptight about it. Write that down. Don’t worry, it’s not worth your time. (HA! If I actually follow that model for the next month, I’ll be quite surprised).

I’m something like 14 courses from graduating with my Software Engineering Degree. Whoopie. At one time, I actually thought I’d end up doing this for a living. I’ve since changed my mind. I like the industry, I find it really neat, but I can’t see myself enjoying it as a job. As my Dad said: “Find a job that you enjoy more than you hate, keeping in mind you’ll always have days you hate your job”, so basically, I think my job would suck more than I’d enjoy it. I’m giving serious thought to an after-degree in Business. A major in Finance or MIS look the most appealing at the moment, but we’ll see what I choose when the time comes.

I think that’s all for my first post. I’ll probably do a second one, but that will be more of a rant.

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