University — An Investment in YOUR Future

So, I am of the opinion that no one person should receive a ‘free’ University Education, unless said education is part of our taxes. I’d fully support a huge hike in taxes in order to make University ‘free’. But obviously, it wouldn’t be free, as we’d end up paying for it with our taxes in the end.

Anyway, as our system stands now (yes, tuition is high, and yes, high tuition sucks), the Student needs to pony up the money to pay for his or her education. Some say this is a bad system. I say that it requires a student to invest in themselves.

People will tell you that “Well, what if they don’t get a job after they graduate”? Unfortunately, they bought into a failed investment. Yes, that’s harsh.

Another problem I foresee with lowering tuition is skyrocketing entrance averages. Right now, the averages are soaring almost at the same rate as Tuition (ok, maybe that’s a bit of a hyperbole). We have two barriers to entrance, as opposed to the one that we keep claiming.

“Well, just let more people in.” There isn’t room for more people. We have quality problems as it is. Quality, is suffering as our tuition raises. This is a major issue.

So, my incoherent final thought — More Government Funding is needed. Raising Taxes (or *GASP* a Dedicated Fee) that are ‘earmarked’ for post-secondary would be a good move. Until this happens, keep in mind that you are investing in youself. Make it a good investment.

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