Video Games, my Life, my Addiction

So, anyone that knows me fairly personally, knows I’m a video game addict.

I play almost every genre of games. Not sure that I have a real ‘favorite’. Though, I’ve really been partial to the WWII First Person games that have been ‘the thing’ as of late. (Allied Assault and Call of Duty are sweet, I recommend them highly)

Recently, I received my FREE copy of FIFA 2004. The game is very much improved over 2002. Graphics are top notch, gameplay isn’t bad (the off-the-ball controls are a bit wonky, but who needs that shit anyway?), and I actually can stand losing. Thats impressive. I could stand losing in NBA 2004 as well. But even moreso here. Its fun to lose to the computer. Who would have thought that?

Emily bought me Beyond Good and Evil for my birthday. I haven’t really been playing it because well, it could get very addictive, very fast. I been regulating my usage to at most 30 minutes a day. Course, that is easily solved by being too busy to play at all, but still. Anyway, it’s good. If you are going to get it, get a copy for a console. The controls on the PC are a bit funky (but manageable).

What am I looking forward too? A few things. Starwars: Battlefront should be excellent (It’s Battlefield: Starwars, can’t go wrong). Republic Commando could be a big miss, but I’m hoping it turns out to be a good one. I’m tempted by MVP 2004 (EA’s Baseball), though I’ll probably hold off. Other than that, nothing else is really tempting.

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