While I’m saving both the system review of Star Wars Saga and my first experience as a Con GM game for my column at Canadian Geek, I would like to put down a few comments here regarding the event.

I would really like to thank Christian and the rest of the EGA for putting on the Con. I had a great time for the portions of the day that I was available to contribute. Hopefully, I will be able to spend the whole day at the event and not have to worry about being in other places.

The morning session was fun for me, as I was able to run a tabletop game for the first time in many years (probably 10ish), as most of the time, I play online. I will write more about the game itself later. Unfortunately, after my game ended, I had to run to class, so I wasn’t able to take part in the afternoon gaming sessions, but it appeared that everyone enjoyed themselves. I returned after class to take part in the panel discussion that I was invited to be a part of to discuss my experiences as a play-by-post gamer. I felt a bit ‘unworthy’ compared to the other two members of the panel, but I did what I sometimes do best – tell stories.

As soon as I have more consistent free time, I will definately try to participate in more events put on by the EGA.  If you’re interested in Role playing, Card, or Board games, check them out.  There’s a lot of good people there.

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