Benoit Wins…turns Heel.

So, watching RAW tonight, I realized something.

Actually, Alex helped me realize it, even though he doesn’t know it yet. Chris Benoit will be turning heel at Backlash. Now why on Earth would I think Benoit turn heel? “Now Residing in Atlanta, GA”. Thats why.

HBK v. Benoit will be a great match. Hopefully. Nothing else is announced yet, but I expect there to be some good matches. Including the return of Edge, which I’m pumped about. Edge, while not being as technically sound as other wrestlers, he’s just so damn exciting. I’d almost prefer to watch Edge over The Rock.

Anyway, the Draft Lottery shook down like this:


  1. Rene Dupree
  2. Mark Jindrak
  3. Triple H
  4. Rob Van Dam
  5. Theodore Long
  6. Spike Dudley

  1. Shelton Benjamin
  2. Nidia
  3. Rhyno
  4. Tajiri
  5. Edge
  6. Paul Heynman

Heynman promptly quit after being drafted. BooHoo. I predict that Shane O’Mac will become the new GM of SmackDown.

Anyway, on to something more people might care about. Walking Tall. It’s going to be great. Just like the Rundown was great. If you disagree, then you suck.

I’m going to go do homework.

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