Thinking about Game Design

The EGA’s International Role Playing Game Writing Month has come to a close as of midnight last night.  Similar in rules to National Novel Writing Month, the goal was to complete a role playing game in the month of March.  The project could be completed as a team, or individually.  The results of who actually was able to finish is still unclear.

I did not participate because I was just too busy to really try and hammer something of that nature out.  I was able to provide a bit of feedback to other participants, but for the most part, my participation was extremely minimal.

I am however, looking at working on a project or two based on some short stories that my friend has written.  While the stories are short, they inspire a vast worldview that really define a game world that could be used.  The trick is to design a game system around that worldview OR fit an existing game system to it.  The most difficult part being finding a game system that is licenced under the OGL that allows us to do what we’re thinking.

We could write our own, but we don’t really know where to start.  It will be interesting to see what happens.

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