Spicing it up

So, if you know what would be a good addition to my blog, let me know with a comment telling me what I need in the comments for this post.

Anyway, today is ‘doomsday’ for my CMPE 300 lab group. Or Maze Solver will either make me a very happy camper, or, I’ll cry. Well, I probably won’t cry, but it will make me sad. After today, we have a very short time to finish up our final project, which I’m not convinced will be ready to go. I’m slightly worried about that. I’ve been worried about that since we picked our project. The guys working on the vision stuff have done a good job up till now, but I’m just worried we aren’t going to have enough time to get kinks out. Hopefully it all works out. And hopefully I leave home at the right time so I can print off the lab report without being late for my lab. I’ve been notoriously late for this lab. And no, that doesn’t make me a hypocrite, because my rule doesn’t apply to labs.

In other news, council should be fairly fun tonight. And by fun, I mean bylaws. IRB is starting to finish up with the mandate we gave ourselves at the start of the year and I’m starting to really feel like we’ve acomplished something. Albeit, nothing major is changing aside from getting rid of useless bylaws and clauses, but at least having relatively clean bylaws is now a reality. Next year, there is alot of work that still needs to be done to ‘clear up’ some bylaws, but next year’s IRB can do that. I’m concerned that we’ll go excessively late tonight, because of stupid changes. But late meetings come with the territory. I should just expect them.

Thats all I have for now. If you know what would be a good addition to my blog, let me know. Until next time…

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