Not Quite Failure…

As of this post, I’m closing in on 8,000 words in my novel.  That leaves me about 2 days short to complete the novel.  Its my hope to make it to 10,000 today (my target for yesterday, which wasn’t fufilled – I didn’t even touch the novel yesterday).  That would put me at only 1 day behind.  As I’m pretty sure I can’t write this weekend because I’m going out of town (unless I score a laptop between now and Friday…), I need to make sure I’m putting out a huge wordcount for the next three days or else I’m going to fall even further behind.

I figure if I can (get back to and) keep within 2000 words of the daily word target, I might be able to finish.  On the flipside, if I fall too far away from the daily target, I might find it too much of an obstacle to overcome.  If I’m still on target on the 15th, it will be my intention to work my ass off to finish.

So, I won’t be considering quitting for another week.  I’m impressed with what I’ve developed so far.  I’m not saying its good, I’m just saying that its much different than I had originally intended.

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  1. Nicholas Tam says:

    Keep pushing, kiddo. As you’ll see when Steve posts the first round of word counts, you’re way ahead of me, and you’re absolutely still on track.

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