It’s officially dead.  I’m cool with that.  I produced nearly 11,000 words in a relatively short amount of time.  What I wrote turned out to be alot different than I had originally set out to write on.  When I finally reeled the story back into my main loose plot idea, it just died.

I didn’t really like any of the characters that much.  It makes it easier, I think.

I think the real reason that my creative ‘juices’ stopped flowing was because I finally got back into regular Gamemaster posts in my Star Wars and d20 Modern play-by-post games and Darren restarted his Dark Heresy play-by-post game, which I’m playing in.  I much prefer to ‘write a novel’ collaboratively in the play-by-post game than writing on my own.

I played Arkham Horror for the first time on Friday.  It is quite enjoyable.  I’m trying to convince Emily that she’d like it, but she won’t believe me.  Oh well.

In other news, Emily and I celebrated our second anniversary on Monday.  We’re looking forward to many many more!

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