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  1. Nicholas Tam says:

    Who have you been reading?

  2. Josh Bazin says:

    I’m currently taking Philosophy 1000 at the University of Lethbridge, so we’re doing a smattering of a bit of everything. For the most part, we’ve focused on Decartes.

    I think my biggest ‘problem’ is that we just finished discussing the Existence of God. I find a lot of the arguments very flawed.

    The class itself is fairly interesting, as we’re using contemporary films to help illustrate concepts (for example, The Matrix to illustrate the Argument on Dreaming).

  3. Nicholas Tam says:

    If you can spot the flaws in the Cartesian argument for God (rather glaring, I might add, but is there such a thing as a good theistic argument?), you’re already more cut out to be a philosopher than all the aspiring philosophy students who swallow everything they’re fed, even (and especially) when they are mutually contradictory.

  4. Josh Bazin says:

    I think my biggest problem with the arguments that I’m being presented are that the premise is to assume God exists and construct a logical argument that proves the inital condition to be what you want it to be.

    As soon as you don’t assume God’s existence, the arguments tend to not mean anything. When asked how the arguments change if you don’t assume God’s existence, my instructor basically said that we wouldn’t bother to prove the existence of God. Seems like a pretty weak explaination to me.

    Also, I found the rebuttal to Gaunilo’s “Perfect Island” Argument (which was an argument against Anselm) seemed to me to hinder the argument it was trying to protect.

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