Alternative Novel Distribution

The authors Scott Sigler and David Wellington get how to use the internet to get people excited about their work. While I’m not 100% sure that they developed their methods of content delivery for the same reasons, but they’ve been able to become quite successful at their craft through these innovative methods of reaching an audience.

If you’re not familiar with their works, allow me to provide a brief overview for each author. Interestingly enough, both authors write horror – I’m not sure if that fact is relevant or not, but its an interesting point.

Scott Sigler is known for releasing serial podcasts of his novels prior to their release in print. His offerings include EarthCore, Ancestor, and Infection/Infected. I’ve listened to EarthCore (and I’m anxiously awaiting EarthCore 2) as well as Ancestor. I recommend both, but I think EarthCore was stronger.  I found out about Sigler’s books through another podcast that featured a lot of New Media.

David Wellington is known for releasing his novels as serials on individual ‘novel blogs’. His offerings include the Monster Trilogy, 13 Bullets and Plague Zone.  I’m currently reading Monster Island, the first book in the Trilogy, but Emily quite enjoyed the ones she’s read.  We discovered Wellington’s work when we were browsing the horror section at Chapters.

What I like about these authors is that even though they’ve found commercial success, they continue to stick to the model they found their success through.  Even though the books are being given away for free (in an ebook, audiobook or as a blog story) when they are released in the book store, they still sell very well.  These authors have successfully used New Media to find a wide audience, which have shown them great loyalty and allowed them to enjoy success selling physical copies of their books.

If you like horror/thrillers, give these authors a try.  I’m quite satisfied with what I’ve read so far and I look forward to their new works.

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