FSW Blogosphere Challenge 2: Where are your priorities?

Duncan at Four Strong Winds posed the question: If you were to suddenly become Prime Minister, and you had the potential to enact any policies you wanted (regardless of how “politically viable” they may or may not be), what would your top 3 priorities be, and how would you approach them?”

Here’s my response.  Its unrefined, but whatever.

The first thing I’d do would be repeal the Constitution and replace it with something a bit more usable. As it stands, there are several major problems with the Constitution that I’d need to change immediately. First, remove all references to God. Secondly, I’d ensure that the Constitution can actually be amended (as it stands right now, it isn’t because really, can you ever seeing Alberta and Quebec agreeing on anything other than agreeing that the Feds are screwing them somehow?), to ensure we have a living document that can change as our country and the world changes.

The content in the Constitution would be your standard freedom-loving freedoms. Freedom of speech, press, religion, association, sexual orientation, etc. Give the right to vote to everybody, right to bear arms, etc.

I’d also slash the government. I’d really have to think on what I would consider ‘essential’ services, but Police and the Army would be one of the few remaining government agencies. I’d lower taxes to reflect the lower need of the government stealing your money. Obviously, some taxes would required to fund the remaining government programs.

While this is what I’d like to do, I realize that this sort of government would probably not work ‘overnight’, especially since Canadians feel entitled to many of the government programs that I’d eliminate. I just think that private development of these sorts of things would perform a better service.

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