At the urging of my friend, Paul Welke, I’ve begun making my own wine in my basement.  I’ve picked up a variety of equipment second-hand (Kijiji is a great service, BTW), as well as buying a few items new (and I will be borrowing a few things from my parents, also).  Part of the appeal of this hobby is that it’s dollars a bottle, rather than tens of dollars.  According to the person I talked to at Winning Wines Plus (on the southside), a $75 winekit will make a wine at a $20-30/bottle quality for about $4/bottle.

Truth be told, the actual process of making the wine (at least thus far) is boring.  You mix water, grape (or other fruit) juice with “Package A”.  Take a hydrometer reading, record.  Cover the primary fermenting vessel and wait for at least a week.  Take another hydrometer reading.  Once the hydrometer gives you the appropriate reading, transfer the wine to a different vessel, and wait for several weeks.

Yea.  Not much goes on there.  However, I hope that through making a variety of kits and working through this process, I can start developing a greater understanding of how the wine develops and perhaps make my own changes to the wine-kits to tweak them more to my liking.

And of course, there’s also Beer to be made.  That process sounds a bit more exciting.

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