Life changes

Recently, I left my position at Pinnacle Wealth Brokers.  Unfortunately, the position there was not quite the right fit for my professional development.  I do thank everyone at PWB for the experience and wish them the best.

To fill the work void, I have joined the REALTORS Association of Edmonton as the Financial Methods Analyst.  I am very excited about the work I am going to be doing with RAE, which includes leading the redesign of accounting processes, thanks to the implementation of new accounting software and eCommerce solutions.

Related to work, my CMA group has been working through the cases for the first half of the second year.  I think we have a good team and we are starting to find our stride, and I feel we will be well equipped to do well come M7.

I am planning on making time come March to be involved in my own initiative, NaAdWriMo.  I think this project has great potential for helping the gaming community share stories.  I sincerely hope it takes off.

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