A writing block and Memoir ’44

So, I’m sure the dozens of readers noticed that there was another lapse in my posting yesterday.

I had a post.  I did.  It read:

Here is today’s post.

Oh, that would have been an awful post.  I decided that a post just to say I did it wasn’t really appropriate.

But damn, I had no ideas of what to write.

However, today, I want to talk about Memoir ’44, which is a light wargame by Days of Wonder.  I discovered this game through Memoir ’44 Online.  After playing the digital version of the game, I quickly realized that M44 was a game that I really wanted in my collection.

Since making the initial acquisition of the base game, I’ve purchased several expansions and made a trade to get a second copy of the base game.  In short, I should have no shortage of scenarios to play.

Why do I like M44 so much?  It’s quite simple.  There’s enough strategy to be interesting across many plays and of course, having two sides to play on each scenario will result in very different tactics.  There’s tons of support for the game.  Lots of official and unofficial scenarios.  New options for play like Campaigns, Overlord, Breakthrough add to the experience.

Is there luck involved?  Yes.  This might turn some off.  But ultimately, I feel the luck of the dice roll suits the theme fairly well.  An overwhelmed force might be able to fight off a superior attacker.  A superior force will attack more frequently and the odds will even out.

Are the scenarios balanced?  Not always.  This is reasonable though – the battles they are simulating weren’t balanced.

I can teach M44 in about 10 minutes.  A typical battle will last about 60 minutes.  There’s plenty of depth for what I want.

So, if anyone is interested in playing this game with me, let me know (comment here or let me know on Twitter or Facebook).  I’d love to add some people to my list of potential opponents.

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