A confession

The comic people that read this blog are probably aware of a little book called Saga.

I read the preview in Previews.  I was mildly interested, I suppose.  Nothing matching the excitement of the comic book fans that I follow on twitter though, who were exploding with joy and excitement.

I asked Brandon to add it to my file.  I thought about changing my mind a few times between then and yesterday.  In the end, I bought it.

I wanted to find it ok.  I seriously did.  Just ok.  I didn’t need more books in my file.

It was more than ok.  It was great.  The preview was a terrible preview.  The book was fantastic.  The art was great, the story was engaging, and damnit, I want more.

So, I feel bad for hoping it wasn’t going to be good.

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3 Responses to A confession

  1. Fair enough. The preview was merely decent – they had to cut around quite a bit of stuff to comply with what can be shown in Previews. I was pushing more on the pedigree of the creators, plus the design and the lettering and etc. Looked like a LOT of care was taken with that book, and DAMN, it shows.

    Anyway, glad you liked it!

  2. Josh Bazin says:

    I absolutely get what you mean now, for sure! Having no detailed knowledge of the creators (save Staples on North 40) at the time, I was obviously missing that pedigree knowledge (which, is of course, why I listen to you).

    And now that Saga is out, I finally realized that Vaughn was the force behind Y and Ex Machina. Obviously, I failed hard on my investigation and/or reading comprehension rolls. I (for the most part) really enjoyed what I’ve read for both of those titles.

    But, you’re 100% right. A ton of work and care was put into this book and it shows. I’m also needing to not judge books by their previews.

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