What is this all about?

Over the past several weeks, I’ve been posting almost week-daily.  Some days, it’s hard to find something to write about.  Some days, I write several posts in advance.

So, when I kicked-off my renewed blogging, I had gone into it with the goal of making a habit of writing.  By writing more, my skills will improve.  Maybe, one day, I’ll actually put a 50k novel out for NaNoWriMo.  The point ultimately was not to write about something in particular, but to just write on a regular basis.  This blog isn’t the only place I write regularly, but it is the only place that doesn’t have a content requirement.

After re-reading my last post (Lesser of evils), I realized that particular post was really more about me putting some thoughts into the wild than it was about putting something coherent together to argue a point.  And I ultimately think that those sorts of posts are what makes this blog important to me.  It’s a place to put ideas ‘to paper’ and just have a bit of ‘stream of consciousness’ writing make it out.  Most times, I’ve suppressed these kinds of articles, since well, they’re a big mess.

Not anymore.  I’m going to try to make sure that most posts here are coherent and logical, but sometimes, they might not be.  Sometimes, I need to work something out, and this blog will let me talk it out.

With that said, I still welcome comments on anything I have to say, or even to help me along with my thought processes on topics that are perhaps in need of a debate.  Maybe some days, I’ll put a short story up.  Maybe I’ll talk about my hobbies.  Maybe I’ll talk about something else.

But in the end, I’m writing.  And that’s the goal.

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