Painting Vayl, Disciple of Everblight – Part 1

Not sure how regular this sort of post might be, but I thought it might be cool to document my step-by-step on how progress was made on a particular model, or just to give some of my readers who aren’t in this particular hobby an opportunity to see how things go from start to finish.

From a time standpoint, total elapsed for what I’m showing on this post is about 4 hours.

The model I’m going to be working through is Vayl, Disciple of Everblight. After the accident, I decided to strip the paint from this model and start again, since I had a new idea for how I wanted to paint her up. Once she was cleaned off, I applied a coat of Vallejo Grey Primer. The primer makes sure the rest of the paint has a good surface to bind to and is a very important step in miniature painting. So, I’m starting with the miniature like this.


The next step, I prepared some P3 Beaten Purple to paint the cloak. This is kind of backwards from most ‘best practices’ for painting, which usually recommends painting from the inside out. I’m not so good at following those rules. You’ll note that it looks thin in some areas and there’s some missed spots here and there. Typically you’ll have to put a few coats down to get things even and the like, which you’ll see later on.

Next, I prepared Citadel Hawk Turquoise to apply to the lower half of the dress. The color covered a little better than the purple, as you can see, but that’s mostly because I didn’t quite thin it enough, I think. Or it just covers better. Either way, I applied this to the model.



Next, I took P3 Thamar Black and applied it to the top fifth or so of the dress and up the neck of the model. I’m not too concerned about getting the exact transition clean right now.IMG_20160325_213310

I thought about the desired look and decided the ‘armor’ plating should also be turquoise. I applied the color to the areas I hadn’t painted before.IMG_20160325_214846

From the desired look, I needed to do a cyan color on the hands, to simulate gloves. I didn’t have quite the color I wanted in my arsenal, so I mixed 50-50 Citadel Ultramarine Blue and Hawk Turquoise, then applied it to the hands. I also decided I wanted to put this color on the hanging cloth (that was previously purple).

After the cyan was dry, I wasn’t happy with the color. I took the pure Ultramarines Blue and applied a highlight on the edges to try and see if that would help make the color differentiate from the main body color. It wasn’t quite enough, so I took an even higher highlight with Ice Blue. Then I was starting to feel better about the result, so I left it.

Much like the plates on the inner part of the dress, I decided that the armor plates on the shoulders should be the same color as the cloak. I applied the Beaten Purple to these areas and did another coat on the rest of the cloak.. I then prepared Geanstealer Purple and applied that to the feathers on the edge and back of the dress.

I applied P3 Rhyn Flesh to her face. The top of her head, I applied Citadel Screaming Skull, to get a white-blonde color.

Next, I applied P3 Rucksack Tan to the crown where I wanted it to be gold, to build up a color slightly. I also applied the screaming skull inside the rear part of the crown, to make it look like a weird medieval hair net thing. I swear I saw that sort of thing somewhere before. IMG_20160325_223939

I applied P3 Solid Gold to the crown area. I then applied a Citadel Reiskland Fleshshade to the entire head.

I apply Citadel Skull White to the eyes. I paint over the most of the face again with the Ryn Flesh, leaving some areas of shadow formed by the wash. I apply P3 Murderous Magenta to the lips. I want to give the appearance of a lavender eyeshadow, so I apply a thin line of Citadel Slaanesh Grey.

I apply a wash of Asurman Blue to the lower dress.IMG_20160325_235431

I use my micron pen to dot pupils. I cheat.

I re-apply the Hawk Turquoise to the raised folds of the dress. I give a small highlight of Citadel Lothern Blue on highest edges.IMG_20160326_001156

And that is basically all there is to what I’ve done so far.

Here’s a photo of her in my lightbox.IMG_20160326_001803

I hope this was enlightening about the process I go through when painting a mini.

Look for part two once I finish up the model!!

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