Painting Vayl, Disciple of Everblight – Part 2

This is a continuation from Part 1 of this series, which may or may not end up being a regular thing, I don’t know. It might be though, given that I have a bit of a theme for some painting that I think is fun. We shall see.

Last time, we left off with Vayl looking like this.


Still has work to be done, but she’s looking pretty good.

The next step is to apply a wash to the cloak. I used Druchii Violet for this stage.


Next up was to begin painting the plates Bronze. I used Dwarf Bronze for this task, and carefully began painting the details.


I wasn’t sure how high I wanted the bronze to go, so I stopped at the waist and just let the thoughts bubble around in my head.

Next, I wanted to highlight the high points of the trim of the cloak. For this, I took Genestealer Purple and using a drybrush technique, I went over the high points lightly.


You can see how the technique is a simple, yet effective way to make some of those details pop out. I decided that I did want the bronze to go all the way up the dress, so I finished off those details. I also wanted the bronze on the shoulder pads, so I did that as well.

On the lower part of the dress, I wanted to apply a wash to help define some of the highs and lows better. I don’t have a photo of it exactly, but I applied a wash of Argax Earthshade, then a wash of Nihilakh Oxide.


After doing a few touchups of various things, it was time to do her Oraculus. I chose P3 Sanguine Highlight for this.


I applied a highlight of Wild Rider Red to the edges of the Oraculus.

And with that…I’m happy to call Vayl complete (after looking at these photos there’s a couple touch ups I want to do, but it’s minor work).
IMG_20160331_222526 IMG_20160331_222535 IMG_20160331_222540 IMG_20160331_222550

Now for the ‘surprise’. Here’s the reference image I was using to help guide me on my way to painting…


By no means is my color matching perfect…but, my daughter looked at the paint job and asked if it was Elsa, so good enough for me!

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