Event FAQ

Some frequently asked questions and clarifications about the event.

Have a question that isn’t answered here? Contact Josh – joshthegeer@gmail.com

What event format will be followed? Canadian Nationals are a NISEI Sanctioned event, and will follow the NISEI Standard format, using the NISEI comprehensive rules. Details on the valid Most Wanted List will be announced two weeks prior to the event.

Can I use proxies? Yes. Please ensure your proxies meet the guidelines in the NISEI Organized Play Policies. Handwritten proxies are not permitted.

What side events are planned? We are working with our local leaders to prepare a listing of offerings. Please check back – or contact Josh if you’d like to host something after the cut.

Will we be charged a daily fee at the venue for Saturday? No. The event registration fee covers Saturday. If you play in the Core Experience event on Sunday, you will be charged this fee.

Can I bring food/drink into the venue? No. The venue has a variety of food and drink options.

Will games be streamed online? Maybe. Will ensure to notify all players a week prior to the event if streaming will take place.


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