Backlash – The Aftermath

Backlash was amazing, with the hilight being the match between Foley and Orton. Orton taking the bump on the thumbtacks was surprising, but at the same time, made him even more my favorite wrestler. I don’t really feel like writing an essay on Backlash tonight though. I might later.

I failed my 204 exam. Which sucks, because I thought I did well on it. Oh well. We’ll see how the final grade goes – if I barely pass, I’ll be happy about not having to take it again. Though, upon calculation, my overal GPA isn’t too badly injured. Joy.

CMPE 210 today went well enough. Its one of those classes where you’re not sure what they can test – the class really is just all about how to make code pretty. There is more to it than that, but in the most basic form, thats what the course is about. The biggest problem I had was remembering things I had studied. I sat down, opened the exam and forgot my Coheision and Coupling heirarchies. So, I began to crap my pants. I moved on to the questions I could do, which were more involved, but simple nonetheless. First, I had to complete a PSP form, from some data given to us. Very straight forward, a few calculations. Next, design test cases for a code snippet. I think I did half of it right. The next question was do some cost of quality calcuations. I’m fairly certian I did the majority of those correctly. So, being done those questions, I went back to the first one. I remembered some of the stuff I needed – wrote that down, then tried to rack my brain for the rest. But I couldn’t. I should do pretty well on that exam.

Tomorrow is CMPE 382. That class could be interesting – I’m not sure. We unfortunately had a grad student due to some staffing shortages within the department. He knew some of the stuff, however he really seemed to just gloss over alot of topics, judging from past exams. Tomorrow’s exam is slightly frightening because of the ‘whats he going to ask’ factor. However, I think I should do ok. I’ll get a decent mark in that class too.

Also, in the ‘bad news’ department, I’m still jobless. If anyone out there is hiring, I’m available. Just let me know of what you need me to do.

Also, a scare was given to me today. Read Here. If Bioware was to be purchased by MS, I’d be very disapointed. However, this is just a rumor, that pops up almost every year around E3 time (something I found out after a little research).

I’m off.

Backlash – the Predictions

Tomorrow is Backlash. I’m incredibly excited. I’m going to outline my predictions of the matches below, starting from lowest billing to highest.

Tajiri v. Jonathan Coachman – I’m predicting that somehow Coach wins this one. I haven’t really figured out who’s going to come to assist Coach, but I think someone will. This match will be boring.

Lita v. Victoria, Women’s Championship – Lita will win. I think Victoria and Lita could put together a decent enough match. Trish may get involved, but I doubt it.

Shelton Benjamin vs. Ric Flair – Shelton will pick up the win. It should be a good match, the vetran Flair should help the new guy look good. Batista will almost certainly get involved, but Shelton will power through. Course, this is all leading up to Shelton’s feud with HHH after Backlash.

Edge vs. Kane – Edge will win, though with Johnny Nitro refereeing, he might just get DQed. It will be good to see Edge in action again, hopefully he can pull Kane through a good match.

Chris Jericho vs. Christian & Trish Stratus – I’m going to say Jericho. It might be a good match. I hope it is. If it isn’t, I’ll be disapointed. I expect the match to be mostly Jericho and Christian going at it, with the occasional slap from Trish.

Cactus Jack vs. Randy Orton, Intercontinental Championship – Orton will pick up the win, though this is going to be a hardcore match.

Triple H v. HBK v. Chris Benoit, World Heavyweight Championship – I don’t know. I have a feeling that Triple H will take the title back, but I don’t know. Hopefully will rival the match at WMXX.

Divorce, Rejoice

So, John Stamos and Rebecca Romijn-Stamos are separating. I can hear men around the world rejoicing.

Anyway, now onto more important (superhero) movie news. In general, I stay away from comic movies, however, its becoming more and more difficult to do such a thing. I might have to bite the bullet and see a few movies (Spiderman and Daredevil, in particular).

Jennifer Garner has been cast as Elektra in the Daredevil spinoff. That should be a good movie. However, I’m leary of Garner doing too many films. I mean, I think she’s a great actress, but damnit, Alias is just too damn good for her to leave. If she was to leave, that show would hit the shitters quick.

Not so good news is that Nic Cage has been cast as the Ghost Rider. I love Nic – but I’m afraid that he’s not the Ghost Rider. However, my lack of knowledge of the Ghost Rider comics might salvage this movie, but I doubt it.

I’ve already ranted about Blade:Trinity. Triple H. ‘Nuff Said.

With the success of the X-Men movies, expect the ‘groups’ to start making it to the big screen. Paul Walker is rumored to be a frontrunner in the casting of Johnny Storm of Fantastic Four fame. FF could be a good movie – or it could be terrible. The director needs to be careful with this one.

Batman. Batman. Hell, I don’t even know where to begin with this. The Batman franchise needs to be burned by Tim Burton. When I was young, I didn’t like Batman. But thats because he was scary. SCARY! George Clooney ISN’T scary. Val Kilmer is, but not as Batman. Christian Bale has been cast as the new Batman, which I can’t say really impresses me much, but whatever. We’ll see how it does. But, I’m going to assume that it will blow, just because everything else in this francise has since Tim Burton left it.

On the same vein – Catwoman. GAH! Halle Berry? GAH! And while I’m just making noises in reference to movies, Superman. UGH.

Searching on’s movie trailers, I came across The Thunderbirds Trailer. I can’t decide if it’s a good thing or not. I mean, its not those freaky doll things – but…I just don’t know. I might watch it just because it looks entertaining – but something seems wrong about it.

Movies. They make me crazy.

It’s been a while

For everyone who has been looking for an update, here it is. Sorry it took so long. I’ve been busy with not being near a computer (or when I’m near a computer I want to play video games). Now, I decided to write though.

I hope everyone had a good Easter. I got myself alot of chocolate. I was really looking forward to getting turkey, but when my mom opened it, it was rotten inside. So, we had chicken instead. It was good, even though it wasn’t turkey.

I recently continued to play Shadows of Undrentide. The game is tough, but fun. My biggest complaint at the moment is the lack of a henchman that adequately complements my character. I’m playing as a Rouge, though I just took my first level as a Shadowdancer.

I have interviews next week for some jobs. I hope I can pick one of those up. I also applied at the Odyssium, though I’m not sure if I’ll be contacted with respect to that one or not. Interviews are getting easier now though. Course, these aren’t careers, so I expect that I would be slightly nervous about that type of interview.

Anyway, thats all I have to say right now.

Two days and counting

So, there’s two days of school left.

Which means, today is D-Day for my CMPE 300 Project. I have an inkling that it will work out enough, but I’m still worried it will just die. If it just dies, I’ll be disapointed, but not surprised.

Tonight is council, hopefully it turns out to be relatively painless. Though, it might.

I’m waiting to hear about the AD positions I applied for, which I hope that I get. If I don’t, I’m in big trouble.

Um. And I hate CMPUT 204. Carry on.

Juno Awards

I attended the Juno awards tonight.

The show started off with Nickelback, who I’m not a huge fan of. I enjoy their music, however, they get annoying after awhile. Or maybe that’s all the 12-year-olds who think Chad’s a hottie. Either way, I’ll listen to them, but don’t expect me to be overjoyed about it. The saving grace was the pyro. The explosions were awesome, and got me pumped for Backlash, since the entrances will be hella cool.

Nickelback’s song ended with a loud bang, and then Sarah McLachlan performed. The last half of the song was good. I can’t comment on the first half, as my ears were still recovering. The rest of the evening was fairly uneventful, my personal favorite part of the evening being Alanis’ Tribute to her lost hair. It was amusing.

Overall, the night was enjoyable, but I realized I don’t listen to much in the way of ‘new’ and Canadian music. Is that bad? Possibly. Am I happy with my playlist? Mostly.

With that, I’m off to bed. Or something.