Well, that didn’t last long…

HHH is back on RAW. Eh, that will make Backlash just as exciting.

Council didn’t last long either. We were “done” before 10pm. If we keep going at this rate, we won’t be finished all of IRB’s work by the end of the year. Well, hopefully we get most of it done.

My CMPE 300 lab group completed the maze we were required to get our robot to traverse within the allotted time. That was good. Now we can worry about the final project. Hopefully the kinks get worked out of that one.

Anyway, onto more council! We passed a motion to give councillors a budget for outreach next year. If I’m on council next year, I’m considering expensing a web-domain – such that I can produce an easily accessible online newsletter, with a section for student comments. I think advertising this site weekly in the Bridge (the Engineering Newsletter) would definately provide an effective method of outreach. Otherwise, I’ll just keep not spending money. Talking to people about things they might care about is alot easier than posters and newsletters. (Though, translated posters for FAC is a definate issue throughout the SU and should be addressed)

Steve asked, and he shall recieve. My Cohen lyric of the week is:

I swear it happened just like this:
a sigh, a cry, a hungry kiss
the Gates of Love they budged an inch
I can’t say much has happened since

Spicing it up

So, if you know what would be a good addition to my blog, let me know with a comment telling me what I need in the comments for this post.

Anyway, today is ‘doomsday’ for my CMPE 300 lab group. Or Maze Solver will either make me a very happy camper, or, I’ll cry. Well, I probably won’t cry, but it will make me sad. After today, we have a very short time to finish up our final project, which I’m not convinced will be ready to go. I’m slightly worried about that. I’ve been worried about that since we picked our project. The guys working on the vision stuff have done a good job up till now, but I’m just worried we aren’t going to have enough time to get kinks out. Hopefully it all works out. And hopefully I leave home at the right time so I can print off the lab report without being late for my lab. I’ve been notoriously late for this lab. And no, that doesn’t make me a hypocrite, because my rule doesn’t apply to labs.

In other news, council should be fairly fun tonight. And by fun, I mean bylaws. IRB is starting to finish up with the mandate we gave ourselves at the start of the year and I’m starting to really feel like we’ve acomplished something. Albeit, nothing major is changing aside from getting rid of useless bylaws and clauses, but at least having relatively clean bylaws is now a reality. Next year, there is alot of work that still needs to be done to ‘clear up’ some bylaws, but next year’s IRB can do that. I’m concerned that we’ll go excessively late tonight, because of stupid changes. But late meetings come with the territory. I should just expect them.

Thats all I have for now. If you know what would be a good addition to my blog, let me know. Until next time…

Benoit Wins…turns Heel.

So, watching RAW tonight, I realized something.

Actually, Alex helped me realize it, even though he doesn’t know it yet. Chris Benoit will be turning heel at Backlash. Now why on Earth would I think Benoit turn heel? “Now Residing in Atlanta, GA”. Thats why.

HBK v. Benoit will be a great match. Hopefully. Nothing else is announced yet, but I expect there to be some good matches. Including the return of Edge, which I’m pumped about. Edge, while not being as technically sound as other wrestlers, he’s just so damn exciting. I’d almost prefer to watch Edge over The Rock.

Anyway, the Draft Lottery shook down like this:


  1. Rene Dupree
  2. Mark Jindrak
  3. Triple H
  4. Rob Van Dam
  5. Theodore Long
  6. Spike Dudley

  1. Shelton Benjamin
  2. Nidia
  3. Rhyno
  4. Tajiri
  5. Edge
  6. Paul Heynman

Heynman promptly quit after being drafted. BooHoo. I predict that Shane O’Mac will become the new GM of SmackDown.

Anyway, on to something more people might care about. Walking Tall. It’s going to be great. Just like the Rundown was great. If you disagree, then you suck.

I’m going to go do homework.

Oww Hell

So, I woke up late this morning. I should be on my way to class. But I’m not. You see, in first year, I made myself a rule. I will not show up to class late. I hate it when other people show up late, so I will not be one of those people. Even though not attending probably will be hazardous to my ‘academic health’, especially today. Here’s hoping it’s not.

I’m anxiously awaiting June 8. That’s when Six Feet Under’s Second Season comes to DVD. It is an amazing show. If you haven’t seen it yet, I recommend watching the First Season. I’m also waiting for Alias’ Third Season to come out, though seeing as the third season is the one currently on TV, that won’t be happening too soon. (Course, you’re gonna say, why don’t you just watch it on TV?) I can’t. Its not in order. That would completely mess my mind up.

Heather asked some questions on the UofA SU Webboard, so I’m gonna answer them the best I can.

1) I’d serve a smattering of exoctic dishes (Sushi, Gator, etc), with the essentials (Steak, Cornish Hens, etc). Basically, I’d buy The Moose Factory. I really enjoy that resturnant. Course, I’d probably make it slightly more ‘dressed up’.

2) I’d sell computer games or comics. I know games very well and well…comics are fun.

3) If I wrote a book, it most likely would be in the fantasy genre. Something like Dungons and Dragons. Yes, I am a geek. But thats what I’d write.

4) If I ran a school, I’d teach respect, through floggings. Well, maybe not floggings. But I’m finding a distinct lack of respect in people these days. Canada needs a good Dictator to shake things up with a secret police. Aside from that, I think running a Culinary Arts school would be cool too.

5) What the lay-person would call Techno. I’m not exactly sure what genre I’d record, but it would be electronic.

On to something else…

I’ve been reading Sean Hannity’s first book “Let Freedom Ring”, it’s quite amusing. I highly recommend reading it.

Tonight is the WWE Draft Lottery. God I hope Randy Orton stays on RAW. If he doesn’t, Alex and I will be fairly crushed. With Backlash less than a month away, I can’t really see many storylines developing before then. Course, this is wrestling, so I’m probably wrong. Ideally, I’d love to see Shane O’Mac wrestling at Backlash too. He’s insane. I really hope that Big Show doesn’t get moved to RAW. That would suck my balls.

Another wrestler on my RAW wishlist is John Cena. He’s funny.

If anyone has a job they’d like to offer me, please, by all means, let me know.

With that, I’m going to get ready to go to school.


So, I’ve spent most of the day trying to get my programs to work for CMPE 210. I’ve got a few programs to get working, but they haven’t really come along that well. My Roman to Arabic number converter has some severe problems, so if you have one in C, send it to me. That will make me happy. 😀 My lack of knowledge of C worries me quite a bit.

Oh, I won my seat on Council, along with Gary, Jamal and Graham. It should be interesting, being the ‘old man’ in Engineering. Course, I’m getting to be an ‘old man’ on campus. That feels kinda weird.

Home for a Rest

Well, not really. I’ve got a number of labs I should finish before tomorrow.

The Sex Toy party was definately interesting. I suggest going to one, it was alot of fun. Though, had Samuel been there, it would have been slightly more enjoyable.

Um…I’mma gonna go do work. Maybe I’ll write more later.

Sex Toys and Programming

So, since this blog’s inception, I’ve been playing with the code to make it more pretty. Well, maybe more me, so that theoretically could mean less pretty. Whatever.

I’m really starting to dislike programming. Though, the upside is my labs have been making programs that are actually half-assed useful in the real world, which is much better than some of the stupid ass shit that I was supposed to do in CMPUT 114/115 (which rarely got done). Yes, I have an irrational hate-on for Java.

In other news, it appears that I don’t have to take EE 340. This makes me happy. So, thats two strikes to the list of courses I need to take to graduate that I wasn’t looking forward to at all (the first being CMPUT 304). Still leaves me at 14 courses to graduate though (an extra Tech Elective, which means I might actually get to choose a course!).

Tonight is going to be very interesting. I’m going to the Delta Upsilon House with Emily to attend a Sex Toy party. Should be interesting. I’m half excited, half scared. I’ll let you all know how it turns out.

Thats all for now.

Video Games, my Life, my Addiction

So, anyone that knows me fairly personally, knows I’m a video game addict.

I play almost every genre of games. Not sure that I have a real ‘favorite’. Though, I’ve really been partial to the WWII First Person games that have been ‘the thing’ as of late. (Allied Assault and Call of Duty are sweet, I recommend them highly)

Recently, I received my FREE copy of FIFA 2004. The game is very much improved over 2002. Graphics are top notch, gameplay isn’t bad (the off-the-ball controls are a bit wonky, but who needs that shit anyway?), and I actually can stand losing. Thats impressive. I could stand losing in NBA 2004 as well. But even moreso here. Its fun to lose to the computer. Who would have thought that?

Emily bought me Beyond Good and Evil for my birthday. I haven’t really been playing it because well, it could get very addictive, very fast. I been regulating my usage to at most 30 minutes a day. Course, that is easily solved by being too busy to play at all, but still. Anyway, it’s good. If you are going to get it, get a copy for a console. The controls on the PC are a bit funky (but manageable).

What am I looking forward too? A few things. Starwars: Battlefront should be excellent (It’s Battlefield: Starwars, can’t go wrong). Republic Commando could be a big miss, but I’m hoping it turns out to be a good one. I’m tempted by MVP 2004 (EA’s Baseball), though I’ll probably hold off. Other than that, nothing else is really tempting.

University — An Investment in YOUR Future

So, I am of the opinion that no one person should receive a ‘free’ University Education, unless said education is part of our taxes. I’d fully support a huge hike in taxes in order to make University ‘free’. But obviously, it wouldn’t be free, as we’d end up paying for it with our taxes in the end.

Anyway, as our system stands now (yes, tuition is high, and yes, high tuition sucks), the Student needs to pony up the money to pay for his or her education. Some say this is a bad system. I say that it requires a student to invest in themselves.

People will tell you that “Well, what if they don’t get a job after they graduate”? Unfortunately, they bought into a failed investment. Yes, that’s harsh.

Another problem I foresee with lowering tuition is skyrocketing entrance averages. Right now, the averages are soaring almost at the same rate as Tuition (ok, maybe that’s a bit of a hyperbole). We have two barriers to entrance, as opposed to the one that we keep claiming.

“Well, just let more people in.” There isn’t room for more people. We have quality problems as it is. Quality, is suffering as our tuition raises. This is a major issue.

So, my incoherent final thought — More Government Funding is needed. Raising Taxes (or *GASP* a Dedicated Fee) that are ‘earmarked’ for post-secondary would be a good move. Until this happens, keep in mind that you are investing in youself. Make it a good investment.

First Post

So, my first post. Exciting.

I’ve always thought about starting a blog, but haven’t. Now I have. Hopefully I can actually use this semi-frequently. Especially for all my fans out there.

So, the last month has been quite insane for me. I ran in the University of Alberta Students’ Union Executive Election, for the position of Vice President Operations & Finance (see Tyler, an ampersand!). Unfortunately(?) I lost. Though, looking back, it was a good experience and I have so many new doors have opened up to me, I’m really quite excited I get to explore a whole ‘new’ world.

What does this new world hold for me? I’ll keep that to myself for now. I’ll let you know as it happens. Don’t want to jinx any of it.

Corporal Paul Welke is leaving today for Bosnia. We’ll miss him here at the UofA. It kinda sucks, now that I was just starting to hang out with the guy more, he’s gone. Though, we’ll keep in touch while he’s away. He’s got some big plans when he returns.

Day one of councillor election voting. I’m not nervous. If I win, I win. If I don’t, I don’t. Not worth my time to get all uptight about it. Write that down. Don’t worry, it’s not worth your time. (HA! If I actually follow that model for the next month, I’ll be quite surprised).

I’m something like 14 courses from graduating with my Software Engineering Degree. Whoopie. At one time, I actually thought I’d end up doing this for a living. I’ve since changed my mind. I like the industry, I find it really neat, but I can’t see myself enjoying it as a job. As my Dad said: “Find a job that you enjoy more than you hate, keeping in mind you’ll always have days you hate your job”, so basically, I think my job would suck more than I’d enjoy it. I’m giving serious thought to an after-degree in Business. A major in Finance or MIS look the most appealing at the moment, but we’ll see what I choose when the time comes.

I think that’s all for my first post. I’ll probably do a second one, but that will be more of a rant.