Fundraiser Update!

I haven’t promoted  this endeavour much since the launch here on my own blog, so today, I’m going to talk a bit about how things are going for my Warmachine for Mental Health fundraiser.

As of today, I’m at $445 total of my goal of $500, which is really fantastic. I’m really happy with  how well the campaign has gone on that front. I’ve also had some great support from the community, including donations of models to the cause, custom bases, assistance with painting and all sorts of other help, which has been amazing.

With all of that said, I’m not at my goal yet, so it would be really great to hit the $500. So if you have been thinking about donating and haven’t yet, please do so. Also, share this project far and wide, please!

Related to the actual assembly and painting of the army, there has been a little progress there. I’ve been working on a test model and conferring with those who are helping me out to get ideas and finalize the color scheme. With any luck, I’ll have that finalized by month-end.

So once again, thanks for everyone’s support so far on the project. I’ll be keeping the fundraiser open for about another month, in a hope to push things up and over my goal.