The Rest

Back in Number Six, I noted that I’d talk about the other books in my comic file, and this seems like the best time to do that!

When I started my file, a benefit I received was free issues of the Previews magazine.  This is a dangerous magazine, let me tell you.  I quickly started fliping through it and found a few different titles to add to my file.  Then, by recommendation, I picked up a few more here and there.

So, here’s the rest of my file (that have been released):

The Activity – A modern-day covert-ops team fighting terrorism and what-have you.  It doesn’t work for everybody.  I like it though. There’s some fantastic panels.

American Vampire – I picked up Volumes 1 & 2 at the library and was really drawn into this Scott Snyder book.  I had mentioned this to Brandon and he snuck the start of a new storyline into my file.  Anyway, a fantastic read.

Fatale – A horror/noir story.  Brubaker/Phillips.  Awesome.

Peter Panzerfaust – A retelling of Peter Pan.  In World War 2.  He’s a resistance fighter.  One issue in, and it’s a keeper.

Star Wars – Dawn of the Jedi – This is the story that tells the beginnings of the Jedi order.  I’m high on Star Wars these days, and I’m giving the EU another shot.  This has been worthwhile so far.

Winter Soldier – Bucky Barnes reprises his role as the Winter Soldier.  He’s a bad-ass spy and is joined by the Black Widow.  Commie Gorillas with Jetpacks and mini-guns.  Buy it.