An Election…

There’s an electing coming in Canada.  I can’t bring myself to care.

I’ve been a long time advocate of participating in our democratic system, but in the past few federal elections, I’m finding it incredibly difficult to really place faith in the system.  This change could be from my changing ideas about how a government should operate, but think for the most part, I’m finding that the party system in Canada really prevents me from voting the way I want to vote – for the person most qualified to represent my constituency.

I find that I have to vote for the party that fits within my ideals the most, which bothers me.  There is no one party that adquately represents the desires I have in my elected official.  In most cases, there are no candidates willing go against the party’s policy, so what am I to do?

While I was at the UofA, it was my opinion that you should ‘show up’ and not mark anyone down on the ballot you recieved if you didn’t wish to vote for anyone.  Now, I’m not sure that really is effective and worth an individual’s time.

For those that say, ‘you need to vote’, I’m finding myself beleiving more and more that the lesser of two evils is still evil.  If an individual (or as I’ve already determined, Party) doesn’t meet my minimum criteria for support, how can I justify voting for them just because they meet more of the criteria than another?  I can’t.

So, I’m stuck.  For the first time in my voting career, I’m considering not voting in the Federal Election.