It’s officially dead.  I’m cool with that.  I produced nearly 11,000 words in a relatively short amount of time.  What I wrote turned out to be alot different than I had originally set out to write on.  When I finally reeled the story back into my main loose plot idea, it just died.

I didn’t really like any of the characters that much.  It makes it easier, I think.

I think the real reason that my creative ‘juices’ stopped flowing was because I finally got back into regular Gamemaster posts in my Star Wars and d20 Modern play-by-post games and Darren restarted his Dark Heresy play-by-post game, which I’m playing in.  I much prefer to ‘write a novel’ collaboratively in the play-by-post game than writing on my own.

I played Arkham Horror for the first time on Friday.  It is quite enjoyable.  I’m trying to convince Emily that she’d like it, but she won’t believe me.  Oh well.

In other news, Emily and I celebrated our second anniversary on Monday.  We’re looking forward to many many more!

Roadblock destroyed!

Ever since I started writing this NaNoWiMo UofA Edition novel, I set my sights on 10,000 words as my first major milestone.  Today, I broke 10,000 words.  It’s an amazing feeling.

Especially when you consider I gave up after only 400 words last year.  I’ve accomplished so much more this year than I ever thought I could in this competition so far.

Now, for the rest of the month.  Bring it on.

Not Quite Failure…

As of this post, I’m closing in on 8,000 words in my novel.  That leaves me about 2 days short to complete the novel.  Its my hope to make it to 10,000 today (my target for yesterday, which wasn’t fufilled – I didn’t even touch the novel yesterday).  That would put me at only 1 day behind.  As I’m pretty sure I can’t write this weekend because I’m going out of town (unless I score a laptop between now and Friday…), I need to make sure I’m putting out a huge wordcount for the next three days or else I’m going to fall even further behind.

I figure if I can (get back to and) keep within 2000 words of the daily word target, I might be able to finish.  On the flipside, if I fall too far away from the daily target, I might find it too much of an obstacle to overcome.  If I’m still on target on the 15th, it will be my intention to work my ass off to finish.

So, I won’t be considering quitting for another week.  I’m impressed with what I’ve developed so far.  I’m not saying its good, I’m just saying that its much different than I had originally intended.


With (nearing) two days done in May, I’m on target to complete my National Novel Writing Month (UofAEdition) novel by the end of the 31st day of the month.  If you don’t know what NaNoWrMo is, the basic premise is that a group of crazy people decide to attempt to write a 50,000 word novel within the confines of a single month.  Usually celebrated in November, some individuals at the University of Alberta decided that May was a better month to hold the event, for ‘religious reasons’.

Here’s a breakdown of the participation/completion rate.

2006 had 21 participants, of whom four finished.
2007 had 47 participants, of whom three finished.

I competed in 2007.  And by competed, I mean ‘failed miserably’.

While I’m currently on target, I don’t forseemuch (if any) work being done on any of the upcoming weekends this month.  I’ve got plans that should fill most of this weekend, I’m out of town (and without a laptop) next weekend, the third weekend is my wedding anniversary.  The other two weekends are currently clear, but…yea.  I need to get back to writing.

This weekend I’m going to be running Cold City for a new group of people.  I’m really excited about that, especially with some of the rules being clarified by the designer, Malcolm Craig.  He’s also provided me with a copy of the most recent version of the Hot War rules (a game that is the evolution of Cold City, bringing the world to a nuclear holocaust) to playtest.  I hope to be able to read through them and run it fairly soon so that I can forward my comments.

Finally, Emily and I booked a trip to Las Vegas for the summer.  We’re really excited about it.  It should be fun.  We were lucky enough to be able to score front row seats to the Penn and Teller show, which according to my good friend Paul, is awesome.  We’ve also got good seats for Cirque du Soliel’s O and the Blue Man Group.  We’ll be staying at the Planet Hollywood, which from what we can tell, should be an excellent hotel.

So, this has been around 375 words I could have dropped into my novel.  Oh well.