Much excitement!

I’m anxiously awaiting my order of Had A Glass 2009, which is the 2009 version of the book I recommended back in March.  Based on the extremely high quality of the wines chosen from last year, I will have to say that it will be difficult for this book not to provide some excellent choices for wine.

Speaking of excellent choices in wine, I was incredibly lucky to get my hands on a couple bottles of Inniskillin ‘Discovery Series’ Chenin Blanc (2005).  If you see this wine, buy it.  It is incredibly tasty, but the supply is rather limited.  With that said, Earl’s does have it on their wine list, so you can buy a bottle there.

In other news, I also purchased the Knights of the Old Republic Campaign Supplement for Star Wars Saga Edition.  From my reading so far, it adds a great deal of information to increase the coolness of your game.  The more I take a look at supplements and the like for SWSE, I’m finding that Wizards is doing an excellent job with the support for this title.

My other writing

I haven’t had much going on that I’ve felt the need to post here about since my last update, but I’ve been fairly busy doing posts elsewhere or running games for people.

As I mentioned a few posts ago, I’ve started a new blog Reviews from a Dead Planet, where I will be posting my game reviews from now on.  I’ve most recently reviewed Don’t Rest Your Head and prior to that was a review of the near final copy of Hot War.  I think both games are very cool.  If you want to know more, give the reviews a read.

Secondly, I’ve decided to run a series of interviews with a variety of independent gaming publishers over at Canadian Geek.  The first in that series was posted today, which was an interview with Tom McLaughlin of Mind Storm Labs.  I’ve got several in the hopper, so keep your eyes peeled there for more in the future.

Secrets of the Galaxy has had its third session and is going very well.  The wiki is slowly being updated to reflect the ongoing actions of the campaign.  I’m very excited about how well things are going so far and I look forward to seeing how things turn out.

Last night I ran my first session of Rippers, which was just character creation.  It will be run as a drop-in game, so whomever shows, shows.  It should be alot of fun, especially with the wide variety of characters we have so far.

So, that is pretty much all I’ve got right now.

Going to Vegas in 41 days or so.

The Secrets of the Galaxy

Last weekend I had the opportunity to begin The Secrets of the Galaxy, which is my first face-to-face RPG campaign. I’ve been really excited about it, ever since I was approached with the possibility of running such a game at the beginning of the year (wow, that was nearly 6 months ago!). As I’m comfortable with the rules for Jedi in the Star Wars Saga Edition, it was the perfect opportunity to run an adventure set in the Old Republic.

I’ve set up an wiki where I can keep track of everything in the game and to provide my players with some sort of ‘guidebook’ that will help them remember key information about what has happened and the like. It needs to be populated with some more data, I just haven’t had the time to do it properly.

Anyway, the first session went very well and I’m really excited to see how everything plays out.


It’s officially dead.  I’m cool with that.  I produced nearly 11,000 words in a relatively short amount of time.  What I wrote turned out to be alot different than I had originally set out to write on.  When I finally reeled the story back into my main loose plot idea, it just died.

I didn’t really like any of the characters that much.  It makes it easier, I think.

I think the real reason that my creative ‘juices’ stopped flowing was because I finally got back into regular Gamemaster posts in my Star Wars and d20 Modern play-by-post games and Darren restarted his Dark Heresy play-by-post game, which I’m playing in.  I much prefer to ‘write a novel’ collaboratively in the play-by-post game than writing on my own.

I played Arkham Horror for the first time on Friday.  It is quite enjoyable.  I’m trying to convince Emily that she’d like it, but she won’t believe me.  Oh well.

In other news, Emily and I celebrated our second anniversary on Monday.  We’re looking forward to many many more!