Forward progress

Over the past couple days, I’ve been putting some time into outlining my first One-Sheet for mass-consumption.  I like how it’s shaping up, but it’s still in early stages and I think there’s several revisions in my future.

As I alluded to in Writing for other people, I want to start producing content for public use, as I build up my confidence and abilities as a writer to finally get started on a large-scale project that I think the gaming community will love.

Part of this process is documenting what I’m doing.

For the one sheet I’m working on right now, I had an idea.  For this particular adventure, was the location and an era, but the location could be in almost any modern city of the era.  I had an enemy in mind as well.

I let the idea bounce around my head for a while.  After the kids were in bed and wife and I were sitting in front of the TV, I took out some paper and started writing down bullet points.  I started with the City, since the idea began to take on a true location.  I did some brief investigation and wrote down a better time frame.  I wrote down the goal of the mission.

To me, One Sheets generally have three to four ‘scenes’.  I wrote down Scene 1, Scene 2, etc and left space to fill in the gaps.  I began to write details.

Scene 1 was the setup.  How the PCs were engaged on the task at hand, etc.  Basic stuff.

Scene 2 was a little bit of investigation.  I briefly noted the things that would be accomplished in the scene.

Scene 3 was to be a combat encounter, with some investigative elements.

Scene 4 was going to reveal the reality of what was going on, and a combat encounter.

I was happy with the outline.  The opponent I had thought was going to be involved – wasn’t.  No worries, he’s on another planning document for another time.

The next morning, I typed up the outline and added even more details.  Combat encounters weren’t built up more than knowing what creatures would be present, but the overall feel of the One-Sheet was there.

I passed this draft to a few trusted friends for comments.

Once I have those back, I’ll be incorporating any feedback into the outline and I’ll begin to design the combat encounters, which I think is going to be my biggest challenge.


Writing for other people

It’s no secret that I’d like to be able to cook up an adventure or two and put them out in the wild, as it were, maybe even on a commercial basis.  However, I find this dream incredibly difficult to achieve, simply because I think my writing stinks.

Obviously, it doesn’t completely stink.  I’ve been running PbF games for years with great success, which really is driven home by people’s eagerness to join anything that I put out there.

And, with my GM style, only really plan scenes, rather than scenes and paths to get there.  Sure, in my scenes I have some ideas of how to go from A to B, but really, its up to the players to sort it it.  I think this sort of adventure construction would be ideal for creating One-Sheet Adventures for the Savage Worlds.  But, for some reason, I think my stuff is unfit for public consumption.

Well, I’m wanting to worry less about what I think about stuff and let the public decide about it.  I’m going to working on some One-Sheets and I’ll make them available online for GMs to use.  Hopefully I can get some feedback on those and move into a more full-fledged campaign as I gain more comfort with what I’m producing.

So, all you Savages reading, keep your eyes out for some One-Sheets from me.

Well, I failed.

I missed posting to the blog yesterday.

As anyone that does read this blog will note, I’ve been a steadily inconsistent blogger throughout my time in keeping  In the past week, I’ve been posting every weekday as sort of a challenge to myself.  Its also an outlet to ramble, in a forum more appropriate than posting on twitter.  It’s also about writing and being in a habit to do so – as my friend, Robert Marion (someone who encourages me to to NaNoWriMo every year) always reminds me during his ‘encouragement’.

Anyway.  Yesterday, I didn’t make the time to post.  So, I failed.

But, I’m back today and plan to be here tomorrow.