Inked Up

Funny, this is the sort of thing I would have thought I would have posted here right after it happened.  I guess I didn’t.

My parents gave me a nice cash gift for the completion of my CMA at my convocation ceremony.  I wanted to get something that would remind me of that time, but I don’t really wear jewelry (save my wedding ring), I hate watches, and cufflinks just weren’t right.

So, I settled on getting a tattoo.  I’d always thought about it, but it just never happened.  Now, I had a good reason to get one.

I know Shane Turgeon at Shades of Grey Tattoo, as we worked together back in my days in Pay-TV.  I trusted him to have a good shop and great guys to work with for getting work done.  Plus, as I planned on getting something Star Wars related, I figured the shop run by the guy that wrote/compiled The Force in the Flesh was probably the right place.

So, here’s what I ended up with:

Star Destroyer Tattoo

I had originally thought I’d do just the Imperial Logo, since I’ve always been a fan of the Galactic Empire.  But, as I thought about it, I had the idea of using the emblem as a moon, and have a Star Destroyer passing in front of it.  I gave this idea to Wayde Dunn who concocted the final product.

I’m really happy with it.  Obviously, the folks at Shades of Grey like it too, because it’s their representative image for the Get Tattooed! event at the Edmonton Collectible Toy and Comic Show.